Riverside Community Church

Life Groups

LifeGroups are weekly meetings of smaller groups and are one of the most powerful vehicles for growing into all Jesus has for us. This acronym outlines our core goals:


  • Loving acceptance
  • Increasing maturity
  • Fullness of community
  • Equipped and Empowered for mission
LifeGroups are continuing to connect and support one another during the COVID-19 Lockdown. We would love to have you join us in one of our online LifeGroups!
  1. Software: Whether you’re using ZoomGoogle HangoutsSkype etc, ensure you’ve all downloaded the software, registered and test-run the software.
  2. Be prepared: Leaders should ensure they’re familiar with that week’s LifeGroup notes and that the group has caught up with the sermon.
  3. ‘You’re on camera’: Make sure you have sufficient lighting (people want to see your face) and that you are centered on your screen.
  4. Location: Choose a quiet room where you’ll get the least amount of interruptions.
  5. One device per household: This helps you avoid latency issues as well as microphone feedback.
  6. Leaders lead: Whoever is leading or moderating the group should be welcoming and manage the conversation. This will require asking specific people to speak and directing the conversation. Have some agreed-upon cues (like lifting your hand) that the group can use if they want to speak.

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