Prayer & Fasting Week

This page provides you with a range of ideas for allowing children and young people to pray creatively. Many of these resources were sourced from The Go Team ( ) who have collated some of their favourite ideas and ways to help children and young people connect with God through prayer.

Our goal is that your child will be equipped with tools that they can use for many years in their discipleship journey and develop a growing love for prayer. Each day will have a different style / approach to praying. At the end of the week talk with your child about which activity they most connected with and allow them to continue this practice even after this week.

Each age group has a different prayer activity for the day. Aim to make intentional time for prayer with your child each day this week.

Preteens are encouraged to join with what the adults are engaging with this week. The journal received on Sunday is a resource that can be used daily to reflect on what you heard in each video. Check out the “additional resources” for relevant daily articles as well as a copy of the journal should you wish to print another.


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