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Easter Reflection – Thursday Tenebrae

Many of you grew up with Tenebrae services and it was a very meaningful event for you. Today’s reflection will assist you to have your own Tenebrae at home this evening. It can be adapted depending on if you are on your own, the number of people in your household and if you have children.  Take some time today to prepare the items you will need.

Tenebrae: Click here for the programme slides. This has the layout for the evening, the readings, links and instructions.

Preparation for this evening

Items Required
Last Supper Video

Upcoming Events

  • A different item to represent each of the 5 scenes:  (Adapt with other items you have in your home if needed).
    • Last Supper – Cup/Bread
    • Garden of Gethsemane– A leaf/flower
    • Arrested – Rope/String
    • Peter’s Denial – A stick to represent the fire Peter stood by
    • Sanhedrin – Torn piece of cloth
    • Black cloth to cover the items (anything black will suffice e.g. scarf, shirt etc)
  • 5 Candles with matches/lighter
  • A laptop/TV with data connection to read the passages and watch the videos.

Divide the readings between your family members.  If you have children who are not yet old enough to read, you can include them by saying a short sentence/phrase from each passage for them to repeat after you or use the videos for a children's depiction of the scene.

Light all the candles before you begin.  Space them so that you won’t accidentally blow out more than one at a time.  You will be prompted during the reflection when to blow out each candle.

If for any reason you cannot get the video to play during the first scene click here.

Parents, it's up to you how you want to do this Tenebrae.  If you want to do it in the evening as Tenebrae's usually are your kids may already be in bed.  One option is to do it earlier to involve them (and possibly do it again later for your own reflection).

We have included some kids videos of the different scenes which you can play instead of reading (or in addition to) the Scriptures. You could also summarise the story for them as another alternative.

You can also involve them with placing the item representing each scene and in blowing out the candles.