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Equipped to Follow

Jesus didn’t invite us to become a Christian or to go to church, his invitation is summarized by these two powerful words, “Follow me”. Join us as we are equipped to Follow Jesus in this world.

Spirit Equip

This series promises to help us walk more closely with the presence of God, and work more closely with the power of God in all aspects of our lives as we seek to follow Jesus.

Bible Equip

Bible Read Equip which is designed to give you the practical skills to grow your engagement with Scripture.

Upcoming Events

Life groups

At Riverside, we call these smaller groups ‘LifeGroups’ because they are truly one of the most powerful vehicles for growing in the life of Christ. For this reason, we developed the LIFE acronym to illustrate our key goals for the LifeGroup ministry of Riverside Community Church.


Babies Kids Teens Young Adults

We love and care for our Next Generation. We have different ministries available for all ages.

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