Solid Ground (grd 6-8)

solid_groundSolid Ground is our preteens group for grades 6-8. This is an exciting age group where there is lots of life, laughter and learning. This group works on a four / five week cycle. In the first 2/3 weeks the group has an interactive, bible-based discussion with lessons applicable to their own lives which we call ‘personal teaching’. These three lessons will link up to what Buddies and Lifehouse are doing in terms of the biblical stories.  In the 4th week of the cycle the preteens plan some creative way to go in week 5 to Buddies and Lifehouse reiterating their lessons for them in creative teaching ways like songs, drama’s, art etc.

One of our underlying principles for this age group is “Learning-through-teaching”. Teens learn better and really listen through EXPERIENCE and EXAMPLE. By having them work with the younger children they will learn both the content of the lesson and its heart by helping lead Children’s Church classes for the younger ones.

If you have a love for God and kids and would like to get involved with this age group in some way please click here and our Children’s Director will make contact with you.