Introduction to Spirit Equip

This series promises to help us walk more closely with the presence of God, and work more closely with the power of God in all aspects of our lives as we seek to follow Jesus.

While this equip module could be done individually, it is designed to be done with a group. In order to get the maximum benefit from the module, here is the suggested way forward:

  1. Form an equip group with some friends and family. Choose someone to lead the conversations. Alternatively, take turns to lead the conversation each week.
  2. Watch the Spirit Equip Explainer video outlining what the module is about (to watch, CLICK HERE).
  3. On a weekly basis, each member of the Equip Group should watch the short video for that week in preparation for the Equip Group.
  4. The leader should download the weekly notes. Suggestion: if you’re leading that week, ensure you understand the notes and the requirements for each week.