Spirit Equip Session 9 – Life through the Spirit (b)

I’m almost certain that most, if not all of your groups would not have been able to finish last week’s module on Life Through the Spirit in Romans 8. As you would have seen in this week’s video, this is an opportunity to pick up where you left off last week.

As you do this, here are some practical pointers for you:

  • Read through the passage again and briefly recap what was covered last week by asking the group to highlight the main points from last week.
  • It may be as simple as picking up from the question you left off from last week.
  • But remember that we cannot leave this at theoretical discussion. Ensure that your groups move to the action questions.
  • If your group has already covered these, ask the group if they tried any of these and how it went. If they haven’t, have conversation that will prompt them to put this into practice.
  • Finally, please don’t see prayer as ‘the thing to do at the end’. Prayer is the primary way of engaging things of the Spirit.

To watch this week’s video, CLICK HERE

To download the notes (same as last week), CLICK HERE