Easter Reflections – Sunrise Service

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Today’s Passage:

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Thoughts from the passage

“Remember how He told you…”  Multiple times Jesus had predicted His death and resurrection.  However, Luke explains that, “The disciples did not understand any of this.  It’s meaning was hidden from them, and they did not know what He was talking about” (18:34). 

Everything had looked dark and hopeless, but the angels reminded the women of Jesus’ words. They had been despondent and grieving, but they were directed back to what He had said. They had come to perform one final act of service for Jesus, but instead they found an empty tomb and were reminded of His words. As their minds were opened to remember and understand what Jesus had told them about His death and resurrection, the women began to experience hope.  


The words of God still give us hope. Whatever you are facing, remember His words, because God has given them to you in order to give you strength, comfort and direction. The words of Scripture are truth which we can hold onto with absolute assurance.

Perhaps there is a specific verse that has been meaningful, or a word you received in the past, which God wants to remind you of today.  Maybe He gave you clear direction and as the journey is going uphill, you need to be reminded of that direction to affirm that you are on the right path. 

Maybe during a difficult time He used a specific verse, and today, as you face similar emotions, He wants to remind you of how He was there for you before, and use the same verse to assure you that your God has not changed and He will carry you through again.  Maybe He wants to remind you of your favourite verse and all the meaning it holds for you, or give you a new verse today to encourage you or fill you with joy on this Resurrection morning, as you reflect on His words.


Ask God to bring a verse to mind which encourages you today.  Or click on “Verses” below for some scriptures, one of which God may highlight for you.  Take a few moments on your own reflecting on your verse/s. 

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For those who feel comfortable, share the verse or word that God has encouraged you with.  If you are on your own today, you might want to message a friend to share with them. 

Make a Reminder: Give each person a piece of paper to write their verse on (nice and big). Stick the verses up in the lounge today to remind you what He has said to you.

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